Starseeds: A Parent’s Guide – Part 1

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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, been a crazy busy and ridiculously hot week! That’s what I get for living in Australia.

Today, I will be talking about how parents who believe their children might be having contact with non-human entities, like E.Ts, E.Ds, etc.. Now I can appreciate many people who personally never had these experiences or anyone they know personally, most of the time when children come to us speaking of these things, our minds wouldn’t believe it would be true. Our minds wouldn’t jump to conclusions without research. So the first question would be, from parents, how and why are they talking about this? If you have a level of trust with your child, that you personally know they wouldn’t lie about such things, then you can at least believe that they believe what they’re saying.

Talking: whatever you do, do not ignore what they have said; it’s far more damaging to them in the long run if you, as a parent, didn’t take heed on their admissions. Talk to them about what they have said, use their own words and don’t add any of yours because children can be easily swayed. Talk to them everyday if you have to, see if it’s the same story they told you the first day to the last, this way you get a better feel if the story was fabricated or its true.

Marks: another big indicator is if they have any strange marks on their body when they have woken up. I know, kids tend to get marks on their bodies even when asleep, but if the marks look oddly symmetrical or look to have been drawn on – then maybe they are a skilled artist! Kidding. Have them looked at by a doctor, but if you don’t trust doctors then feel as if the mark has a small, hard bump underneath the skin or turn the lights off and see if it glows in the dark.

Knowledge: if your kids are talking about information they otherwise couldn’t know, like astrophysics, metaphysics, advanced maths, ancient human/earth history, remembering past lives, how other planets look like, how their contacts look like, what they’re like, etc. record everything they need to say. That way, when you ask them about it sometime later, they could repeat exactly what they told you earlier – this is another way of confirmation. Another, is looking up this information, albeit the internet would not have a huge information on all E.T home worlds, their culture and their ships, but someone (somewhere) would have written something similar.

Imaginary Friend: if you notice your children are talking to and playing with someone you cannot detect with your physical senses, don’t immediately dismiss that it doesn’t exist, because there are many things that our naked eyes can’t see. Imaginary friends can be a huge variety of things, from: E.Ts, E.Ts, nature spirits (fae), guides, ghosts or even crazier, just their imagination. But, if your child continue talking about their ‘imaginary friend’ as a real person and through to preteens or beyond, then that could have been a visitation of sorts. Most of the time, ‘imaginary friends’ are ghosts from deceased relatives or former homeowners, but if your child claims they’re ‘alive’ or ‘just look really different/weird’ then it might be a non-human being.

Extra-sensory Perception: if you start noticing that your child is all of a sudden really intuitive and talk about how they felt or read someone at school, like a teacher or a friend that was thinking ‘mean thoughts’ or ‘nice thoughts’. They could be doing that home with the family, like reacting to thoughts you would have in those moments or confronting their sibling for attempting to steal a toy. Sometimes highly intuitive children can walk down the street and point to strangers then tell you what’s happening in their lives, if they’re sick or disturbed in some way. Other occasions, you might catch your children talking about how your pets are feeling or thinking, they would feel more protective over your pets and would have a close bond with them.

Children are innocent, if this were a lie they would have nothing to gain from it and if they were lying about it from the first day they told it then you can ease into the real possibility they’re being contacted. If your children continue talking about their experiences to their teen years, have them see various councilors and psychologists so you would get multiple opinions. They could be wrong, they’re only human too, but at least they would have some idea of how to talk to a child – if majority deem that they are telling the truth, that should be some merit. At the same time, you know your child best; you may think that all of this is just nonsense, but parent’s intuition is greater than someone telling you what’s happening to your kids (myself included).

One more thing, fear is an ugly thing. When our children are involved with anything beyond our ability to control it, our fears tend to get the best of us. When talking to your child and if you are certain of their experiences please be calm in front of them, freezing up and panicking will make them panic (remember, they are sensitive to you too!). Research everything your children say online and research everything others claim too, be sure who you want to talk to about your children and who to avoid like the plague.

I hope this has helped create a base for some parents. I’ll do more like this in the future and please comment on more things you want me to cover in the next blog. Happy astral travels!

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Top 3 Powers and Abilities

Oh believe me, I wish I knew how everything works when it comes to lifting objects with your mind and being able to make someone dance by pulling on their nervous system. This information is a mixture of what I was taught and what I picked up over several life-times. Lately I’ve been trying to learn about particle physics (what the human body of knowledge has discovered so far) so that I can apply what I have learnt from my E.T contacts, then explain it using scientific terms! And if that doesn’t work I’ll just shrug my shoulders and try blasting a particle beam into some street signs.

Enough of this random drivel, lets get to the list!

  1. PHOTOKINESIS: The ability to generate, shape and mold photons with ones mind. Users can manipulate light and most forms of radiation, they can channel it out their bodies into incredible spectacles of holograms and lasers to dazzle an audience. The user can daze with a sudden burst of light from their palms onto a target when threatened, but gradually can learn how to bend light away from their bodies making them practically invisible. Neat.
  2. TELPATHY: The ability to slip into another mind using your own and read their thoughts. Telepaths constantly receive and read brainwaves emanating from other beings, they can lock and track onto a targeted mind regardless of their distance from the telepath. Advanced telepaths can look into the depths of another’s consciousness and manipulate memories, sometimes creating powerful illusions. Imagine the headaches!
  3. METAMORPH: The ability to shape ones body into various forms at will. Users can mimic any surface texture: clothes, metal, fur (animals, people) etc. by manipulating their cells and change their size. These users have extremely malleable bodies that can adapt to many environments, even generate organic armour and weapons to protect themselves. Shifty bastards.

There are many more powers and abilities that I’m still finding out everyday, these are just some E.Ts and E.Ds use. Though they say once you learn one ability you can pick up another faster, much like learning a new language.Holy-light


EXTRA TERRESTRIAL: Mostly part of the Federation, consisting of 22 million races within the Milkyway alone. Mostly neutral – each group preferring to deal with their own and creations, some are pro-earth/humanity (those who are involved with us are our creators or interstellar siblings (star family).

EXTRA DIMENSIONAL: Unknown number of species (uncountable). Most are part of the Union which is mostly a loose alliance out of convenience – some members love each other while others couldn’t care less. Most species are neutral, dealing in their own affairs some that come here are part of Federation and/or pro-earth/humanity, while others are self-serving and come here for a meal!

GUIDES: Most powerful beings in all existence only to help out of soul at a time. Usually two guides help one soul.

NATURE SPIRITS: They have affiliation only to the world they currently inhabit, but they can work with E.Ds and/or E.Ts (and humans). These spirits prefer to align with those who meet their goals, because they are ultimately abide by the planets consciousness – like on earth we have Gaia.

*image for the Guardians of the Galaxy concept art…oddly fitting*


Basic and general soul knowledge introduction:

All people ask these questions at least once in their life; is there a soul? Where does it reside? What is the soul? What is the nature of the soul? And how is this relating to the after life?

Most people in order to find out about their soul whereabouts, they will have to undergo extensive hypnotic sessions to help understand themselves. Many are familiar with the life long work of Micheal Newton PhD and his investigations of existence between lives and memories of past lives. Dolores Cannon also investigates the same subject of life after death. While Mary Rodwell of ACERN helps people by hypnotically regressing them into their previous incarnations of individuals who have claimed they have been visited by extraterrestrial people.

My knowledge comes from my own experiences between lives on this metaphysical subject.

To begin answering some of these questions; yes there is such a thing as a soul. A soul is a trans-dimensional being that resides deep within the brain in the pineal gland (however it is not within the physical realm). All souls (whether they are in bodies or bodiless) are genderless and race less beings. Souls are not living or dead, but they do exist. They are not entities, but are essences of beings travelling through time and space.


But who do you ask does the splitting, the giving and the sending of ourselves?

The soul is created by an entity that extraterrestrials call it ‘Akashi’; some humans also know it as the ‘Source’ where most humans who have religious knowledge call it ‘God’. This, Akashi, breaks pieces of its vast consciousness and moulds them into an ideal individual soul. It creates basic interests so that soul will pursue those topics and will grow over time, on the surface of this soul you have the unique individuality but on the deepest level its part of the consciousness of this unimaginable entity.

Once this process is complete, Akashi constantly creates a series of other unique souls that it places out through the Great Expanse. The Great Expanse is a realm where eight predominant dimensions exist; each dimension is drastically different to its neighbour. Each of these dimensions have their own limbo-like status called the Decision State, it’s the first stop where souls go before entering a particular dimension and it’s the last stop when souls want to leave that dimension entirely. The dimension we are in at the moment is the Third Dimension, one of the more interesting and difficult in the expanse.

So, as mentioned in the chapter title, what is the real purpose of the soul? Are there grand goals? If so, what could they be for all of us?


The soul’s true striving force is to learn all that is learnable; it doesn’t have an expiry date and can live on through time. However this can change due to a number of factors. If a soul decided to be‘re-absorbed’ back into Akashi, after the individual passes, all ones memories and experience will be transferred through into Akashi. The closest description I can give when it comes to unification with Akashi is a child returning home to a loving family.

Another reason is where soul does something horrendous while within a life; once it passes back into the Decision State, it does something called ‘Revision’ (all souls do this when they are not so emotional and have come to terms with their death and are now in a state of normality). Revision is a play back of all the events, thoughts, feelings that person has experienced from the moment they entered that life right up until the moment of death. Akashi has a single rule of conduct when it comes to travelling souls; only harm another if ones survival is in peril. To harm another without just reason is harm to ones self. Since we all come from Akashi, to harm another literally means we are harming ourselves in the process. Once a soul witnesses something that it has done that contradicts this ‘rule’ (lack of a better word), it will begin to feel the awesome emotion of regret. This will begin the soul to spiral into a vicious circle that is difficult to escape from, the soul begins to have the flashes of its worst moments in the former life that continues to repeat itself. This circle becomes so intense that each horrid flash of all the wrong you had done that you become the victim of the crime you committed.

This will ultimately lead to ones down fall; because Akashi will attempt to take the impoverished soul while it is in this state of madness and determine whether it’s too far gone or requires time to recover. Most of the time, after this emotional torture has been lifted, the soul now begins the time of ‘repenting’; it is an involuntary course of action for the soul that is quickly installed by a vastly powerful living entity (A young souls personal living Guide/Guardian Angel). They come to you to dictate what good you must do to equal the bad. But in some instances, the actions of such a case are to do a personality re-write and a memory purge. This entails that the ‘soul shell’ continues to exist but the unique person that resided within has been purged and a new set of directions that stems back down to a basic level whence it started from. All of its former experience has been completely and permanently erased to make room for the newly written personality.


When the soul is formed its empty, it’s as plain as an unwritten USB drive. This blank existence is the ‘soul shell’ which receives new personality and interests programming orders from Akashi. It is Akashi’s duty to fill in the more complicated programming (i.e. personality and interests), otherwise if this is not filled, and then it’s just another part of Akashi and ultimately will remain an empty vessel. On average, a soul shell is over five million years old but the personality  contained within it unfortunately averages to few thousand years old due to certain circumstances that lead to purging of the current personality and rewriting an entirely new persona. This purging of the soul by Akashi is the ultimate destruction of the person within and a rewrite is basically making an entirely new person again from scratch! That’s why not knowing ones previous experiences can be extremely dangerous because once a lesson is learned (no matter how tough it was) from incompetence/poor choices then making the same poor choice twice will be even harder to recover from. Normally, once you make a horrible mistake that was corrected, a second chance to continue existing freely as an individual is harder to obtain, especially when there is always a deep scar left within you. This ‘scar’ acts as a reminder or the torment one has experienced, and if re-opened it will fester. Festering scars bring the souls further from a second chance of recovering back into their normality. In the Decision State this remorse locks the soul back into its own self-made hell.


There are no two souls alike, they can inhabit all living and non-living matter of natural origin, such as; a person to a plant, to the star and right down to a molecule. It resides within all things and lives out a carefully selected life to learn all that is possible within their unique bodies. They underline our personalities of why and who we are.

There are certain things where one finds to like or dislike without an influence from their environment. Akashi does have some influence on some of those basic interests but of course it can change over time due to the soul passing through lives and finding new interests by experiencing new things.

Once a soul is specifically set on a topic that it wishes to purse in its next incarnation; it will travel to through a dimension and through the universe that it wishes to carry out this existence. It enters the selected dimensions outer space, the Decision State, to begin transferring to life.


How does the soul enter the body? This lengthy process is called ‘Soul Transference’; it has multiple stages leading up to when its newly chosen body is finally born into the world.

– The first stage is organization and preparation; souls need to focus on what they want to gain out of the ideal life they want to experience.

For example; if you want to live a life devoted to art, you need to set up a ‘plan’ on how to achieve your goals. The soul cannot last for a long time in realm of the living without a body, so it “holds its breath” and dives in with the living. So while the soul swims through this dimension for currently living artists to learn basic techniques so once it is born it has a ‘natural affinity’ for art. Then you look through families/partners that you believe will have a beneficial environment to develop your wanted skills farther.

When you do believe that you found your ideal ‘potential parents’ then you are ready. But sometimes your perfectly ideal parents might not end up conceiving at all or another soul has already there settled before you did. But this is not be despaired, there are always other couples that will most likely help you reach your goal.

– The second stage is development of the mind; once the soul has confidently settled to the appropriate couple, it has a small time window to create the mind for its new body. The needs for this sub-process are large; first it has to ‘connect’ with the universal mind where its new life will take place. For a lack of a better word this link up to the universal mind is a meta-physical form of the ‘internet’ (I know, it’s a really bad example just go with it for now). This link will enable the mind to connect to other minds around this universe, ranging from sapient beings to non sapient beings (i.e. animals, plants, and the land). This will enable the fine art of telepathy for the person, telepathy works not like a direct focus from one head to another, but rather a loop. So it opens up the link with the universal mind and then begins to localise it to your area (or which ever area you wish to home in on) right down to the individual or the group you want to scan.

Of course, depending on which species your life will be a part of, telepathy can be a natural racial ability or it must be learnt.

That is one of the reasons why this link to the universal mind is so important; it helps your soul and your body to connect with the universe around you. Also the natural mental energies that the universe emanates will ‘feed’ your mind, the more you use these mental energies the more power you require.

– The third stage is physical selection; the soul does have some power of how they want their new bodies to develop, for example; with an athletic interest, the soul will be manipulating the body to grow muscles quicker. They can choose which features of the body and brain they want heightened or weakened, by slightly manipulating the DNA that already is being processed through. Souls also have the ability to decide what genders their new bodies will be, but this skill of catching the right time for when the body is developing, requires many different lives of practice when it comes to gender selection. Although, once the physical features have already been selected there won’t be time to revisit those choices, the soul is forced to juggle with the development of the body AND the brain, making the soul open for missed opportunities. This physical selection process has the most narrow time window than the others in comparison; souls do have the potential to make mistakes, especially when they are young souls that are still learning. This may explain some of the physical and cranial deformities people are born with that are not genetic or really rare illnesses.

– The fourth and final stage is settlement; typically for humans, after fifty days has passed the brain is developed just enough for the soul to settle itself in its new body. It carries along with it the mind it has created in the fifty days before hand, in order to begin folding the mind in all the nooks and crannies of the brain. The soul then decides how well its new brain will be able to cope with the mind it has knitted out. This basically means the physical brain might be able to harness all the capabilities that the mind has to offer to take effect in the universe around it.

For example; telekinesis, electro kinesis, illusion, telepathy, mental control, empathy, healing and etc. Of course these abilities can vary on certain races and entities of how far their physical brains can push, since there are needs for physical room for the neurons that allow for these certain abilities to occur. But remember; all minds in all beings of this universe have an equal amount of power and equal amount of abilities, what really holds one back is the limitations of the physical brain.

All the soul really needs to do now is to wait until the time is right for when its new body is mentally ready to begin remembering its previous lives and experiences.

Naturally for humans, the average age to begin remembering past lives is around five to seven years old. This is the time where the brain has begun developing into a more stable and less dependable unit, unlike when the person was an infant or toddler its entire being was to rely on parents for survival and basic understanding of the environment around them. So the brain is not shocked with the amount of new information it’s receiving from its physical sensors AND with the sudden flood of all these old memories coming from the deep storages of the soul. Hence why it is crucial for the sake of the child’s mind why these memories surface in their later years.

Remembering past experiences, whether they are from previous lives or from existence in between, it works backwards slowly. The seven year old child will begin remembering certain thoughts that it had before entering this life, then it will begin remembering where it was and what it was doing before hand. Then they will begin to remember the last parts of the immediate life it had prior to the current one, then it will work backwards from there until they remember in full clarity from now to the first life the being has ever lived.

Though it is wrong to give an average estimate of how long this remembering process takes place in humans since every individual is different and raised in different environments, for me it took over eleven years to remember with clarity in all of my collected years of existence.

*image found on Google Images, soul is located in the head – not chest!*


Homo Sapien: Currently most dominant version of human that has existed roughly for 15,000 years after the Great Fall of Atlantia – they were a devolution, this was done out of safety to ensure in nearer futures the devolved humans posed less danger to themselves. As so the neavensoros believed, they removed many wonderful powers and natural abilities non-homo sapien predecessors once had – some of them were; Electrokinesis, thermal intestity, conduit, telepathy, third eye, astral projection (to an extent) and past life memories, etc.
the neavensoros placed a barrier around all minds and souls of any human born on earth – this barrier is also known as the Barrier. It was meant to stay embedded for only a handful of generations, but unfortunately when homo sapiens born who were supposed to be without it were raised by people who had it. The Barrier was meant to protect or disallow the flow of past life memories to be present within the current mind and life, but humans who didn’t have the Barrier – who could remember their past lives were taught that its not possible or it was their imagination.

So eventually they ignored that ability and created this cycle for generations to come, that they would never remember their past carnations, this now became the Affliction.

Having said that, not all homo sapiens are totally backwards – even though some behave as if they just decided to walk instead of climb, more often in the distant past neavensoros had to reach out to sapiens, this was to genetically and intellectually alter them to change the ‘wave’ of humanity or where it was at during that time. Since the dawn of the 21st century homo sapiens are no longer able to make sapien children – only homo noeticus, the next step. In the mid 20th century the neavensoros had slowly began altering sapiens to allow homo novis wavers to appear. Some sapiens are more advanced than others due to neavensoros changes and final changes made by novis. The line of Homo sapiens has ended. Homo sapiens can become contactees but not often, but mostly due to homo novis influence/presence E.Ts are usually drawn to. I mean to make a novis one must contact and alter a sapien.

Homo Novis: They are genetically modified humans whose purpose is to physically and mentally enhance homo sapiens to the point where future offspring become homo noeticus. Homo novis are the bridge that allows DNA to jump up one level from the old version to the new, through: pheramones, brainwaves and energy work.
If a group of 10 sapiens are exposed for extended period of time to a novis, they become the most advanced sapien group. Homo novis are a genetic mixture of human and soul-selected E.T DNA (also a bit of neavensoros), this is why they are an advanced earth-born human type. They have extra abilities granted to them by their E.T parts plus the advanced human abilities, novis are extremely over powered group of people but are very few in number. This is due to creating them very specifically; they are just a genetic salad mix like sapien (or even noeticus). But their DNA is sliced, spinned, intertwined, added and removed to be able to achieve very certain tasks.
All novis are very similar to their E.T contacts; all have personal case workers (which are their go-to contacts) who also share their novis E.T DNA – think of them as non-birth E.T biological parents!

Novis are designed to do specific tasks; they have an inbuilt ‘purpose’ they must fulfil in their lives and refuse to let the heavy overtaking energy of this world to prevent them from completing it. Though I cannot speak for all novis, thy have a small sense of arrogance and small hints of superiority due to their incredible power, but I do believe they don’t take advantage of that power.
How did they appear? Not long after the beginning of the 20th century, homo sapiens were in need to be evolved, this is when human aggression was peaking and the construction of nukes were bubbling. Neavensoros planted ‘starseed’ humans, all homo novis are born from homo sapien parents – they were genetically planted within all these already decently advanced women and men (families) that would produce healthy and able novis.
During the middle of the 20th century there appeared the ‘First Wavers’ , they acted as pioneers of earth, they began softening homo sapiens for the ‘Second Wavers’. Second Wavers who are stronger than their predecessors, now their duty is to enhance sapiens and await the final incoming wavers; the ‘Third Wavers’. Third Wavers maximize sapiens to a point that they will genetically produce noeticus.
However, novis cannot produce more novis unfortunately; one the individual is there their unique physiology dies. But they are capable of reproducing healthy noeticus children which is the goal.

Novis are meant to ‘Awaken’ humanity, mostly done through genetics and etheric siphoning, they are tasked unique duties that can change a whole race forever. Homo novis are the most powerful earth-born humans with their unique physiology and E.T ancestry (including spirituality).
Fun Fact: homo novis are all contactees and agreed to contract terms of their unique lives, they are able to sense each other world wide through an internal beacon and have an inbuilt alarm that goes off when they are in the near vicinity of one another.
If more than five novis are in the same contacting vicinity they naturally produce and absorb (in their cells) so much energy from each other, they can forsake food and sleep for a number of days – including sharing power enough to do practically anything. In doing so, this brings their astral and physical bodies closer – which are the end goal of all evolution to become energy beings.

  • Novis bodies: human physical bodies and E.T astral bodies
  • Novis can remember their passed lives and are usually not affected by the Affliction, unless of their own prior choosing.

HOMO NOETICUS: The next step in human evolution from sapien to noeticus, unlike their predecessors they have a huge array of abilities that homo sapiens has no way of accessing as easily as noeticus. These are individuals crafted and forced into being by homo novis though they are not as strong as them, noeticus are unburdened and have a deeper understanding of the universe we live in. Noeticus were originally around during the times of Atlantis, humanity at that time was at its highest that it has ever been. All were homo noeticus and all had the mental/physical superiority that we are just starting to see spring out in children/young people today. In the last century homo noeticus were slowly appearing in the last decades of the century thanks to the introduction of homo novis, but now they number of noeticus is unknown for they are probably now in the billions. Since sapiens were altered enough they began birthing homo noeticus by the 1990’s – there were odd noeticus here and there but the 1990’s is when they properly started to spring up. In 1991 10% of all human birth rates were noeticus, by 1992 – 20%, by 1993 – 30% (you get the picture), by the time it hit 2000 – 100% human birth rates were noeticus. These are extremely powerful individuals unlike novis, they are wholly human (both astral and physical forms are human) and now have access to all abilities and powers humanity was meant to have since the last Ice Age. This includes full soul memory access and greatly increased E.M.F. that helps deter all incoming mental/emotional contagions (stress and other depressive, oppressive energies that sapiens are immune to) – including communication with disembodied souls/E.Ds. But the issue that arose for the Neavensoros about creating all these advanced individuals (who are still mostly children) within the grasp of sapien who mostly have no intuition or basic senses and are extremely aggressive; the novis are useful to teach these new humans the way of things. Sometimes its not enough, especially in these trying times so Neavensoros are introducing hybrids of human and Neavensoros (total: 50 – 50) they are called Onyu. Onyu can help stabilize the changes (on global scale) for Awakening – because the Neavensoros fear that a group of highly powerful new comers being raised by old fashioned barbarians – the result is destruction that maybe neavensoros cant prevent. Homo noeticus are the future they are the last chance to make all the wrongs right again, to continue something that has stopped thousands of years ago – to bring humanity back to the wonderful thing it used to be. Homo noeticus life expectancy can be 200 years.

ONYU: Onyu are a subrace of human that were not born or raised on earth, they are 50 – 50 human and neavensoros – so the most powerful forms of human. Onyu have 1 human parent that they can visit occasionally but they are raised primarily by their neavensoros parent, though it may sound sad Onyu are trained and taught by one of the most powerful beings in the universe – they need to be as close to perfect as possible. Onyu are the ones that will tip the balance for Awakening on earth, one of their biggest tasks is training the homo noeticus to help them break that old fashioned repetitive wheel of karma and ‘human conditioning’ – to show humanity we are better than we think we are (but most importantly they must be humble about it). Onyu are crucial for noeticus; they cannot accept the teachings of old backward traditional savage view on life if earth has any chance of a future. Onyu are not as powerful as their energy being parents but have exceptional abilities that surpass even some other advanced races and are heavily scrutinized if misused. On average life expectancy of an Onyu is 500,000 years but since they life for a very long amount of time there are only six human onyu were ever born. Onyu are never created unless extreme racial disturbances.

  • Onyu in neavensoros ancient language is “half” and usually Onyu can be applied to any half neavensoros and half (something else of their own creations).
  • Onyu are incorruptible but are destructive if given right provocation and can be easily wipe out an entire continent with a flicker of an eye. But unlike their neavensoros parents they can be destroyed if they are electrocuted with nether energies.

NON EARTHBORN HUMANS: Before the Great Fall of Atlantis humans were part of the Federation and had many races immigrating to earth and humans travelling to other worlds – both colonial and other home worlds. Many races were told to relocate back to their original homes but some individuals chose not to comply before the Federation Black Out (neavensoros cut contact with all races), and so there were several thousand humans unaccounted for and have remained on other worlds (and monolithic ships). Those remaining humans off-world have had descendants who are usually mixed because full ‘pure’ humans are a rarity – and there aren’t many humans that leave earth either. In rare instances sometimes E.Ts (authority to do so) ask humans who are on the edge of life (or more like death) who have nothing left to life for but have great potential given proper opportunities. Majority of the time humans given this option accept E.Ts offer of a better life, I mean who wouldn’t. Humans who do leave without will to do so are usually criminals that are too dangerous to let live on the quarantined surface, but they spend most of their time in containment.

  • Non earthborn humans means all humans that had been born OUTSIDE of earths surface – includes moon.

    *image from Google Images of starseeds/star children*


E.TS: They expel energy outward and eminate a strong and apparent presence. Since they are local to this universe and realm they do not require energy to have a physical presence, they are very bright and shine more light/heat/energy to the area where they are visiting. Since they use the astral realm for travel (and communication), even though partially phased, they do no suck energy from anywhere since they have their own supply. Most E.Ts use special technologies to allow phasing (for travel), but there are some advanced enough that can do it on their own. When E.Ts appear there are very distinct differences between all other non-human entities – when visible E.Ts appear very differently comparing to other things like E.Ds, souls, guides or astral beings.

E.DS: When E.Ds arrive to a particular space/time, they require a certain amount of energy that is of that particular dimension in order to stabilize themselves in it. As they suck energy from that local environment the heat temperature falls, air gets thinner, and light tends to be absorbed (not reflecting) at the spot of their arrival. They drain energy from the space they are trying to inhabit, despite the fact that some species can shape shift into other life forms (like the ones inhabiting this local universe), but they can’t hide their struggle to harness the right amount of energy to remain in the visiting space. Since they are living beings they don’t need to supply their own energy to move from one plane to another, however they create a drain in the location they are in so they can return to it.

SOULS: Souls are transdimensional energy which basic personality and memories are stored – they are essences of our core. Disembodied souls have no readily energy supply of their own because they have no bodies that enable them to be anchored anywhere, they are the purest forms of trans-dimensionalism. To be able to touch someone or move something, light/heat energy is the easiest things to suck out of local space to be recognized into atoms allowing kinetic force. They try to produce atoms on a massive scale using available energy around them on demand! Sometimes though rarely, souls use living beings personal life force to have some presence in a space they want to be a part of. However this is a massive drain to the life form because by all rights only one soul should have use and access to their life force – the soul inhabiting that body from birth!

GUIDES: Guides are living life forms though they have the ability to travel like E.Ds they are also transdimensional like souls but have their own powerful presence that expels like E.Ts. There are many living beings living in other planes, like the astral realm. Since all guides belong to all realms/planes they have zero restrictions and virtually can access nearly everywhere. They don’t drain energy from anywhere or anyone either since they are equivalent to Avatars of Akashi.

NATURE SPIRITS: Mostly residing within the astral (or commonly known as etheric) realm, unlike most other entities that have both a corporeal and astral bodies; these spirits only have the astral one. They have most command in their home realm but have a limit to the corporeal, nature spirits keep balance between both realms to and doing this keeps all astral bodies healthy. Most nature spirits are highly evolved animal and plant beings; they travel all around the universe and attach themselves to a particular planet that can sustain life, begin regulating planetary energies and protect it. Many consider them to be the ‘migrating immune system’ of an ecosystem (travelling from one place to another), but if life on that world becomes extinct – these spirits eventually leave for other worlds. There is a huge variety of nature spirits that do different things, anything from flora to fauna. Nature Spirits are profoundly powerful beings too, they have been known to have some control of corporeal weather patterns and can wipe out a whole species through any medium (virus, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, etc).

*image by Gilbert Williams*


QUESTIONS – These are the questions that are asked the most:

  • What happens when you end up in limbo? Once you’re there, how do you know loved ones are trying to receive/give contact?
  • What is the easiest ways – what are the ways? Have you done it before?
  • Have you sent aports and how does that work?

ANSWERS – These are my answers:

When your soul passes through to limbo, you go through a period of time called ‘Soul Recovery’ where the shock of losing/disconnecting of your body is sometimes too difficult to bare/understand. When that stage passes you can visit that realm where your loved ones grieve for you, its very difficult to attempt contact with them even when they want to reach someone who misses greatly tends to overlook or too withdrawn from reality. As they tend to expect to a whole physical apparition of you right in front of them as though you are still alive.
But once their own grief has passed contact is much easier to established, of course re-appearing and having the same abilities once you were alive is not possible, there are other ways to show people your presence. Everything is energy and everything that you want to achieve requires energy, the disembodied soul can collect a certain amount of energy from the space around it because is no longer can supply its own. In order to phase into a particular realm, the souls’ sucks energy around from whatever source possible to at least some presence in the realm, the most common and easily harnessed is heat energy. Hence why there are some reports of areas suddenly getting very cold, souls could only focus enough power one a particular force that we living can detect the one that has more effect is physical contact. Souls can direct enough energy to kinetic force that we experience/live in constantly. Think of it like this: you are trying to pull the plug out of a bath tub full of dark water, but you can’t stick your upper body to see and know 100% whats happening, you can only use one of your hands that can barely pull the plug out. That’s how the soul struggles to constantly maintain that frequency on a particular level to tune to the realm it wishes to visit, since its not part of it anymore its anchor (body) is gone. Aports as most call it these days are objects that are sent through the fabric of this space (and possibly time) from one original location to the next. Since a soul is a transdimensional entity, it can surgically open a small space to allow an object to fall through to the receiving end, souls are not bound by the physical laws of any particular plane anymore, and they can exist in all places (and times) in between.

*Image from the Scole Experiment*